Our Philosophy

At Spotlight, we believe in the third feed. Sure, your social feeds are fun, a guilty pleasure. But should you get your memes and news in one place? Your professional feed is great for finding your dream job, but not so much for the latest news. At Spotlight, we think you need a feed dedicated to highly curated, vetted, verified news content that delivers both sides of the story.

We believe journalists and publishers should be able monetize their work. They should be creating great content, not building their brand and chasing followers and likes. With Spotlight, we make distributing your content and making money from it radically simple.

Spotlight Media


Spotlight is a revenue engine for small-to-medium publishers and colleges.
· Infrastructure Cost Reduction · Print to Digital Conversion · Economically Proven Subscription Model

Spotlight Media

Publish in the Cloud

Spotlight's Content Management System lives in the Cloud.
· No Technical Support Staff Required · Consistent Customer Experience Across Devices · Ability to Template Layouts (coming soon!)

Spotlight Media

Artificial Intelligence

Spotlight creates Network Junctions ©.
· Proprietary Machine Learning Algorithms · Non-Contextual Search for Content and Ads · Next Level Data Operations

Spotlight Media

News Aggregator

Spotlight ‐ the only news app focused on UX and verified content. · Customized Content · Radically Simple Design · You Control the Look and Feel